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November 28, 2012

I Dream In Black

Something about black suede shoes...

       Right now I can't get enough of it! The last two are recent purchases and they complete my "Trio." They are my go-to shoes because they instantly add chic to an outfit and are super comfortable. I equally love the silhouette...just the right curvature and height. 

       The wedge heels in the first picture are my go-to for work or formal occasions. I recently wore them to a wedding with opaque black tights and a shimmer wrap dress (pictured here).  These are actually my second pair. When I fall in love with a pair of shoes I wear them often so they wear out faster. I invest in a second pair for longevity and to keep one pair looking crisp for special occasions.

       The booties in the second picture were my Black Friday score! I was sooo excited about these when they caught my eye in an ad. I HAD to have them, and they were worth the 4AM wake up.  I've worn them twice since and need to slow it down to keep them looking fresh.  I wear these booties to bring some edge to an outfit. 

        The tall boots in the last picture made my jaw DROP when I spotted them. I love wedge boots and have been looking for a nice pair for more than a year now. And to think I almost spent a pretty penny at Macy's last year on a pair that didn't rival these. I'm glad I didn't settle. I had one of those "this was put here just for me" moments. I was shopping for clothes and decided to just stroll by the shoes. As I was turning to leave there they were. The only pair in sight. Are they my size? I could hardly contain my excitement. They were my size and absolutely the last pair in the stock. Not to mention they were priced very reasonably.  No sooner had I tried them on before I was being asked where I found them. Glad I got to them first! 

       In the same shopping trip that I bought the boots pictured above, I laid my eyes on this pretty polish - Sation's Videogame Vixen. I looked at it for a couple seconds, set it down, and immediately turned around and scooped it up. I used to think glitter polishes were a little juvenile but I recently experimented with one and I liked the eye catching effect. As you've come to see, I love black and this polish combined two of my interests. It is one of my favorites to date. The pictures don't do it any justice.

November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving & Thanks To Ellie!

       I don't know if it's been the change in outlook, love from above, luck or...a combination of all three.  This past week has been amazing and I am beside myself with the blessings I have been given and the generosity shown to me.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves just as much.


      In California, at least in my circles, Thanksgiving is celebrated as a dinner. In Texas, it's a lunch-time affair and the early start allowed us to enjoy three different get-togethers.  We had good food and an exciting, although sometimes nail-biting, Houston Texans game was entertainment at the first shindig, where we were asked to bring a salad.  A Caesar Salad? A Cobb Salad? Let's spruce it up a bit! 

       Love and I put our hearts into this delicious apple pecan salad.  We used red leaf and iceberg lettuce, green, red and golden apples, reduced fat blue cheese, dried cranberries, and hand-picked/hand-shelled pecans (that candied pecan project will just have to wait!). We complemented the salad with a lite raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and also offered a sugar free brand of course. It was a hit at the party.  Feel free to have one on the table at your next gathering.


       I saw a super cute pair of black booties in a black friday ad, and found myself waking up at 4:30 a.m. to make the 6 a.m. doorbuster. I was so excited about picking up a pair I dreamt that I slept in too late and actually woke up running towards the door at 2:30 in the morning. Silly girl! I was about the 30th person in line, as seen here. The hour and fifteen minute wait was worth the boots. I am in love! I'll include pictures in my next post.

       Except at a few beaches (inc. San Diego & Huntington Beach), bonfires are pretty much illegal in California so it was nice to enjoy one here in Texas, and especially without salty air and sand.  I admit, I fell asleep in my chair a few times...the fire was so warm and I was so cozy ;)  And what is a bonfire without smores? I actually passed on them because I burned out my sweet tooth with the Thanksgiving pies. Work out time! 

Thank you Ellie @ Fashion With Ellie!

       Fashionwithellie.com is at the top of my Daily Reads list because Ellie's urban chic style is clever and effortless, and she owns her confidence. A little over a week ago, I entered a giveaway contest on her blog for a gift card to The Limited.  I normally don't participate in contests because (A) I'm kinda shy sometimes and (B) what are the odds that I'm going to win anyway?...but I entered for lack of wanting to hold myself back anymore.  This Monday morning, I was catching up on new posts and found out I won! Me?! Little ol' me!?!?!?! YES! Thank you Ellie! You have reaffirmed that good things happen when I push myself out of my box.  

Below is one of my favorite looks: 
Copyright fashionwithellie.com

       I will definitely be sharing my purchase from The Limited when the time comes.  I hope to be able to give back to others in the future.

November 20, 2012

Excuse My Polish!

       This weekend I indulged in some manicure therapy! I usually stick with pinks, reds, purples, golds and teals but this time I wanted to mix it up and buy a color I normally wouldn't think twice about...hence the "Call Me Later" color I chose below.  It was fun to wear for a day or two but I don't think I'll be picking up a second bottle. It's more Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's Day appropriate.

       I wanted more than a painted-at-home look so I picked up a cuticle cream, a new file and an enamel dryer - which I was super excited to try because I've smudged too many manicures with my impatience.  Standing in front of the fan and dipping my fingers in ice cold water doesn't seem to help, for me anyway. The dryer had a smell that I didn't mind so much, but ladies beware, Lover HATED it as if it were some kind of man repellent LOL. In the end, I didn't find this dryer to be particularly effective so I'm open to new suggestions. 

       I picked up a second color that I am absolutely in love with, "Nirvana."  Although it takes on more of a gray color in pictures, in person I can't distinguish it from gray or brown.  Next on my wish list is a pale neon color - if that makes any sense.

       While I was on the subject, I had to include the most adorable picture of my niece painting her own nails, with Disney polish of course. The picture makes me melt.

November 13, 2012

Say "YES" Challenge: House of Blues

Say "Yes" Challenge.

       When I am invited go out, I usually have some excuse about why I can't go and in my mind I justify it by reasoning that I probably wouldn't have a good time anyway.  Ultimately, it boils down to not wanting to leave my comfort zone...which I am so bored of, by the way. And generally, I DO have a good time when I venture out. So, I have made a personal commitment to say "Yes!" to any invitation. After all, LIVING is what this blog is about.

       On Friday night, Love and I were invited to the House of Blues in Houston to see Rage Against the Machine and TOOL tribute bands. I like a few Rage songs but it really wasn't my scene. However, it was an opportunity to experience something new and more importantly, a chance to prove to myself that I am serious about change.  "Yes, we are there!" 

       This was my third visit to a House of Blues (#1 Sunset Blvd in LA, #2 Anaheim, CA) but my first time dining there. The entrees were more like appetizers, and the food was mildly flavorful but it was good nonetheless. They had a house band playing during dinner and I really enjoyed that. Next we were off to the music hall. While I didn't particularly care for TOOLOGY (TOOL tribute band) the Rage tribute band, Arm Tha Homeless, was AWESOME and I'd love to see them play again! It is definitely surprising to find myself liking things I never thought I would.  Change is good.

Kali, Now Living

Love being silly.
Blackened Chicken Street Tacos, House of Blues Restaurant

Arm Tha Homeless (Rage Against the Machine tribute band)
View of the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Rockets

November 8, 2012

Flowers and Pizza

       Today was one of those tough days...the kind that makes me want to crawl back in my shell and stay there for days...the kind that make me feel like a fool for even trying. And just before my head drops completely, my knight in a white T-shirt is there to catch my chin.  Thanks for the flowers babe ;)

15-minute Hawaiian Pizza!

     Not too long ago, my boyfriend was diagnosed with hereditary diabetes, and one of the most devastating losses to him was pizza.  So we decided to make our own healthier version. 


1             ready made whole wheat pizza crust
1/4         red onion
1 can      can of pineapple chunks (in natural juice, not syrup)
1 cup      Rinaldi tomato, garlic & onion spaghetti sauce (pizza sauce wasn't as good)
1 tbsp     olive oil
2 cups    low fat cheese (we used 4-cheese Mexican, but mozzarella would be awesome)
1/3 lb     sliced ham


Turkey bacon

       We preheated the oven to 450 degrees.  We then brushed the olive oil onto the pizza crust and spread the sauce across the pizza leaving the edges exposed.  Next we sprinkled on the cheese and layered on the pineapple chunks and ham. 

       We topped it off with a little bit of pepper and put it into the oven at 425 degrees.  We let it bake for approximately 10 minutes and pulled out the work of art below.

       This is one of our favorite meals! Pepperoni pizza is also a hit. You really can't tell the difference with turkey pepperoni.  Enjoy!

November 7, 2012

Lunch by the Prayer Garden

       Today my love and I decided to break routine and eat lunch outdoors. "Take a left, no take a right...I thought there were benches around here somewhere...?" The stars must have aligned because we stumbled across a scenic prayer garden with picnic tables. It was empty, and the weather was reminescent of the best of California...sunny with a slight cool breeze.  

       He being a diabetic, and myself having gallstones (BUMMER), my love prepared delicious turkey burgers with turkey bacon on a wheat bun, Sun Chips and a few sugar free cookies. I love this man!

Enjoy the tour....

    This place was whimsical and serene. It's perfect for a romantic stroll, or a lunch time getaway from a hectic day at the office.  I really enjoyed our lunch date and we plan to come back soon. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that mean the most.  

      Today's lesson learned:  good things happen when you step outside of your box. 

November 6, 2012

Election Day!

       I'm not one for pushing my political point of views, or having someone push them on me. BUT, I am an advocate for voting!  Some people argue that our votes don't really matter anyway...that it's rigged and so on...but even if that's true, I certainly won't be the one to count myself out.  My name is Kali and...

       That aside, I've been looking for a good shampoo & conditioner combo.  Having naturally curly hair in the Texas humidity is a daily challenge. Depending on my mood, I apply either mousse, gel or cream daily to keep me from looking crazy. I also color my hair so I tried Infusium 23's sulfate free shampoo & conditioner to see what all the sulfate-free fuss is about and to protect the color from stripping. While I may have accomplished that, it didn't go a great job of removing the waxy residue left behind by my hair products. Thank goodness I had a bottle of Neutrogena's Anti-Residue Shampoo on hand. I can definitely vouch for it!
       Back to the conditioner situation: the texture after using their sulfate-free line was horrible and it did nothing for detangling my hair (curly hair, oy vey!).  I wasn't going to give up on Infusium just yet (I had so many fond memories of it in my teens) so last night I purchased Infusium 23's Moisture Repleneshing Conditioner.

       I am happy to report that it left my hair feeling silky and easy to detangle, and I've always loved the smell. But as they say, only time can tell. I'll blog about the results when I finish the bottle.

November 5, 2012

Sunday Funday

       Our first football season in Texas is everything I thought it would be...fun, loud & BBQs everywhere.  I always have a good time with the in-laws and yesterday was no different.  Lots of food, laughter and cute kids running around.

        In line with fall colors, I decided to break out last year's cognac boots. I kept it casual with a black lace top, comfy jeans and casual accessories.

Now back to work cracking open those pecans for a future candied pecan project. Sugar free, of course, for my diabetic babe ;)

November 4, 2012

Catch-up and a wedding!

Its been a few days since my inital post and I'm happy to say I've been busy.


       I decided to break my monotonous routine of watching TV.  One of the perks of being here in Texas is a free and abundant amount of pecans.  I had picked pecans earlier in the week for a candied pecan project I was probably never going to get to (like usual). I stared at the bowl and decided to get to work. I completely underestimated the tediousness of cracking those nuts! Here I was, thinking about all the family back home in California that I was going to send candied pecans to for the Holidays...until I realized it took an hour for both myself and my BF to not completely fill one sandwich bag.  Sorry fam, maybe next year ;). I also put some time into a painting project. I'm painting our living room mirrors sunflower yellow to bring in some color.  I even ended the night with a few sit-ups.  I can't say it was a thrilling night, but it was my first small step forward.


       I budgeted just enough to buy a new dress for my brother-in-law's wedding. Talk about retail therapy!  Shopping is therapuetic.  I zone out any stress and channel my creativity into expressing my personality and style in clothing.  I found a sparkly black 3/4 sleeve, knee length wrap dress that made a statement without demanding it.  

Saturday Wedding

       Rainy weather couldn't dampen the beautiful wedding.  Congrats and well wishes to the newlyweds.  I don't believe in posting pics of their private affair so I won't, but here are a few of my look.

 I paired the dress with black tights (opaque, not sheer) and black wedge heels.

 A better look at the shoes.

   I added red as my pop of color.  Red lips, red nails & red bangle...

I decided to keep the rest of the accessories small & simple. I don't like to over accessorize.  You will come to see that I LOVE rings!

I was asked to arrange the flowers in the centerpieces for the bride and groom's table and of course I didn't hesitate.

All in all, I've felt better the past couple of days than I have in a few months. Blogging project successful so far.  More to come!

November 1, 2012

Getting uncomfortable

What's in a name? Why wasn't I "living" before? 

I had been aware the past couple of years that I was living in a world of gray...vibrant moments of life were few or forced. Being a usually optimistic person, I shrugged off my down moments as some kind of hormonal imbalance.  Being a private person, it was something I discussed with no one. I fell into a pattern of not wanting to go out and venture into the world, but being desperately bored because of it. I lacked the energy or enthusiasm to dig myself out of this rut.  I realized that I became a zombie, wandering life without any passion.

"You have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable." 

My friend's words (above) ring in my ears as I find myself here...blogging.  Blogging will be my tool to push myself to do things and go places I wouldn't have in my gray zone.  To get comfortable again with pursuing my passions, interests and style...TO STOP HOLDING BACK.


Kali, now living

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