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November 1, 2012

Getting uncomfortable

What's in a name? Why wasn't I "living" before? 

I had been aware the past couple of years that I was living in a world of gray...vibrant moments of life were few or forced. Being a usually optimistic person, I shrugged off my down moments as some kind of hormonal imbalance.  Being a private person, it was something I discussed with no one. I fell into a pattern of not wanting to go out and venture into the world, but being desperately bored because of it. I lacked the energy or enthusiasm to dig myself out of this rut.  I realized that I became a zombie, wandering life without any passion.

"You have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable." 

My friend's words (above) ring in my ears as I find myself here...blogging.  Blogging will be my tool to push myself to do things and go places I wouldn't have in my gray zone.  To get comfortable again with pursuing my passions, interests and style...TO STOP HOLDING BACK.


Kali, now living

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