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November 8, 2012

Flowers and Pizza

       Today was one of those tough days...the kind that makes me want to crawl back in my shell and stay there for days...the kind that make me feel like a fool for even trying. And just before my head drops completely, my knight in a white T-shirt is there to catch my chin.  Thanks for the flowers babe ;)

15-minute Hawaiian Pizza!

     Not too long ago, my boyfriend was diagnosed with hereditary diabetes, and one of the most devastating losses to him was pizza.  So we decided to make our own healthier version. 


1             ready made whole wheat pizza crust
1/4         red onion
1 can      can of pineapple chunks (in natural juice, not syrup)
1 cup      Rinaldi tomato, garlic & onion spaghetti sauce (pizza sauce wasn't as good)
1 tbsp     olive oil
2 cups    low fat cheese (we used 4-cheese Mexican, but mozzarella would be awesome)
1/3 lb     sliced ham


Turkey bacon

       We preheated the oven to 450 degrees.  We then brushed the olive oil onto the pizza crust and spread the sauce across the pizza leaving the edges exposed.  Next we sprinkled on the cheese and layered on the pineapple chunks and ham. 

       We topped it off with a little bit of pepper and put it into the oven at 425 degrees.  We let it bake for approximately 10 minutes and pulled out the work of art below.

       This is one of our favorite meals! Pepperoni pizza is also a hit. You really can't tell the difference with turkey pepperoni.  Enjoy!

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