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November 28, 2012

I Dream In Black

Something about black suede shoes...

       Right now I can't get enough of it! The last two are recent purchases and they complete my "Trio." They are my go-to shoes because they instantly add chic to an outfit and are super comfortable. I equally love the silhouette...just the right curvature and height. 

       The wedge heels in the first picture are my go-to for work or formal occasions. I recently wore them to a wedding with opaque black tights and a shimmer wrap dress (pictured here).  These are actually my second pair. When I fall in love with a pair of shoes I wear them often so they wear out faster. I invest in a second pair for longevity and to keep one pair looking crisp for special occasions.

       The booties in the second picture were my Black Friday score! I was sooo excited about these when they caught my eye in an ad. I HAD to have them, and they were worth the 4AM wake up.  I've worn them twice since and need to slow it down to keep them looking fresh.  I wear these booties to bring some edge to an outfit. 

        The tall boots in the last picture made my jaw DROP when I spotted them. I love wedge boots and have been looking for a nice pair for more than a year now. And to think I almost spent a pretty penny at Macy's last year on a pair that didn't rival these. I'm glad I didn't settle. I had one of those "this was put here just for me" moments. I was shopping for clothes and decided to just stroll by the shoes. As I was turning to leave there they were. The only pair in sight. Are they my size? I could hardly contain my excitement. They were my size and absolutely the last pair in the stock. Not to mention they were priced very reasonably.  No sooner had I tried them on before I was being asked where I found them. Glad I got to them first! 

       In the same shopping trip that I bought the boots pictured above, I laid my eyes on this pretty polish - Sation's Videogame Vixen. I looked at it for a couple seconds, set it down, and immediately turned around and scooped it up. I used to think glitter polishes were a little juvenile but I recently experimented with one and I liked the eye catching effect. As you've come to see, I love black and this polish combined two of my interests. It is one of my favorites to date. The pictures don't do it any justice.

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