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November 13, 2012

Say "YES" Challenge: House of Blues

Say "Yes" Challenge.

       When I am invited go out, I usually have some excuse about why I can't go and in my mind I justify it by reasoning that I probably wouldn't have a good time anyway.  Ultimately, it boils down to not wanting to leave my comfort zone...which I am so bored of, by the way. And generally, I DO have a good time when I venture out. So, I have made a personal commitment to say "Yes!" to any invitation. After all, LIVING is what this blog is about.

       On Friday night, Love and I were invited to the House of Blues in Houston to see Rage Against the Machine and TOOL tribute bands. I like a few Rage songs but it really wasn't my scene. However, it was an opportunity to experience something new and more importantly, a chance to prove to myself that I am serious about change.  "Yes, we are there!" 

       This was my third visit to a House of Blues (#1 Sunset Blvd in LA, #2 Anaheim, CA) but my first time dining there. The entrees were more like appetizers, and the food was mildly flavorful but it was good nonetheless. They had a house band playing during dinner and I really enjoyed that. Next we were off to the music hall. While I didn't particularly care for TOOLOGY (TOOL tribute band) the Rage tribute band, Arm Tha Homeless, was AWESOME and I'd love to see them play again! It is definitely surprising to find myself liking things I never thought I would.  Change is good.

Kali, Now Living

Love being silly.
Blackened Chicken Street Tacos, House of Blues Restaurant

Arm Tha Homeless (Rage Against the Machine tribute band)
View of the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Rockets

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