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January 30, 2013

Italian Sausage & Rotini!

Wednesday is here and that means my best buddy Friday is not too far away!

       Last night I almost completely burned off the tip of my index finger while making taquitos....ok, not literally but it hurt just the same! So it's a good thing our favorite dinner dish is practically fool proof ;)

       We make a MEAN Italian (Turkey) Sausage & Rotini dinner that is 1) finger licking good - and that is a scientific fact, 2)  friendly on the waist, and 3) super easy and quick to make.  There you go, three reasons to give this a try at home :)


1   Package of Turkey Sweet Italian Sausage (5) (brands: Honeysuckle White, Jennie-O, Foster Farms)
1   Box of Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Rotini
1   Jar of Rinaldi Marinara Sauce in 'Tomato, Garlic & Onion' flavor
1   Cup of Baby Bella Mushrooms

Parmesan Cheese
Dinner Roll

       Cook the turkey sausages over medium heat in a non-stick pan and set the pasta to boil.  Turn the sausages over on each side every four minutes or so. While these are cooking, slice down the mushrooms into your preferred thickness. When the pasta and sausages are a few minutes away from being done, I like to cook the mushrooms in a bit of Olive Oil and heat up the marinara sauce.  When it's all done, plate it to your liking and enjoy, and then have the husband/boyfriend/lover wash the dishes ;)  


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