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January 28, 2013

No-Fat Guide To: Coats

       January is almost over, but we are still in the thick of winter! And seeing how it has been freezing in some parts of the nation, today I'm sharing a chapter on Coats from Charla Krupp's "How To Never Look Fat Again" (featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Oprah and Time Magazine just to name a few).  I picked up this book at a BORDERS liquidation sale a few years ago and haven't shopped the same since! Hope you pick up some helpful tips.

Man-tailored topcoat


       With a classic V-neck notch collar, this single- or double-breasted topper is cut like an expensive overcoat for men. The V-beck lapels and narrow tailored shape provide a lean look that lengthens your neck and streamlines the area from muffin top to tummy.

Ladylike Coat

c/o Asos

      Fitter on the top to the waist, it then flares to the hem.  Often, there are slimming vertical princess seams from bust to hem, and trendier versions have sleeves that bell of puff out to the wrist.  This style is terrific for bigger bottoms, hips, thighs and rear and fat arms and tummy.

Sculpted Coat

c/o Asos

       This one features dramatic contours - either a wide dolman shape or a curved cocoon shape.  Some have deep armholes or raglan sleeves. Because it combines sharp architectural lines and volume, there is plenty of room for big boobs, rear, hips, thighs and middle issues.  

Retro Coat


       It looks vintage, but new fabrics and detailing put it in a contemporary context. It can be straight or A-lined, but it features looser cropped three-quarter sleeves, fancy collars, and decorative buttons.  This coat skims past the middle and all the attention on top is a great diversion for women with heavy thighs and legs.  Just choose styles with buttons in matching tones if you are bosomy and shawl collars or notched lapels if you have a short neck.


       This nautical-inspired style is a classic. That's good news. It comes in several coat lengths, from mid-thigh to knee grazing. Its body skimming tailored shape is flattering. If you're really busty, however, a peacoat is not your best bet because your breasts will be smushed into one weird uni-boob. It's better for those who want to bulk up their tops to balance out wider bottom halves.

Empire Coat

c/o Macy's

       Mod inspired with raised waist, this coat totally hides a flabby midsection with a fashion-y look. Stick to solids and don't get sidetracked by fattening extras - such as plaid - that cancel the slimming effect.

Swing Coat

       Also called a trapeze style, this one starts out fitted at the shoulder then cuts loose to a triangle shape.  Lots of middle-management opportunities here - as it's flattering on those with muffin top, Buddha belly, and a generous read, plus, it shows off great legs.

Cape Coat

       Belted in front, deep and loose at the arm holes, this style offers camouflage for back fat, arms, and big boobs and is super for larger sizes.


  1. I loveee coats for winter! I wish it were colder here so that I could have an excuse to buy more of them. My favorites though are the swing, princess, and the sculpted collarless coat. <3


    1. Heyyy Toni, I live in my black H&M empire coat! Ppl here in Texas think I'm a weirdo lol.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree Michelle, and there are so many great ones out there.

  3. OMG, the top coat, sculptured and swing coat are so my thing! Now I'm dreaming of new coats =)
    - Che


  4. I like the Ladylike Coat & the Empire Coat,they look the best in the lot according to me

    Women's Wedges

  5. Hi Kali, Thought I would pop by for a visit. I love your post on coats. One of my favorite coats is my Peacoat. I love the pink retro coat. It's gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend! Cheers.


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