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January 22, 2013

Smooth and Perfect?

     Last week I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen's Smooth and Perfect Color Care in "Sea" on an awesome deal.  This line only offers sheer pastels in pinks, peaches, a light blue and this minty color "Sea." 

       If I had a five star scale, this would be half a star.  It was ridiculously sheer...even with an undercolor. It took too many coats to get this opacity so it took FOREVER to dry! And then the tips wrinkled up like Rachel Zoe's lips! You can see that in these pics. Sorry ladies, I love to share great polishes but I had to save you from this nightmare.  Worst polish ever.  And then to top it off, someone asked me if these were press-on nails! Houston, we have a problem!  

By the way, did you get a glimpse of Jupiter next to the moon last night? It was gorgeous and bright.  The next time we'll see it so close to the moon is 2026!


  1. I didn't know Jupiter was going to be close to the moon like that, otherwise I would have looked! Will it be there again tonight or is it too late? I really should get some kind of astronomy alert app or something. LOL

    That color is so pretty, but I'm sorry it went on sheer. I hate polishes like that. It's a mess to apply so many coats. Maybe it will work to create an ombre effect on a different color. :)


  2. Thanks for the suggestion Toni!

    You will still be able to see Jupiter tonight. Its the brightest object in the sky aside from the moon.

  3. such a pretty color! I dragged my husband outside to look at it, so neat!

  4. Im so sad I missed Jupiter! Its so very cold here, so I didn't even think about going outside. Love that color!



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