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April 29, 2013

Surf's Up at Surfside Beach

I'd like to wish you a Happy Monday..but I don't think they exist.

Check out my "Sandicure" and that not so cute sandal tan. That can only mean one thing...BEACH TIME!
This weekend I hung out with family at Surfside Beach.  I accomplished one of my 2013 goals: to visit the Gulf Coast as part of my American Coast tour. That only leaves the East Coast...and with some luck (and lottery money), I'll hopefully get that tackled next year. Are you sticking by any of your resolutions?

By the way, I thought I was a genius for coming up with the 'sandicure' moniker...and then felt like a total dork when someone asked me if I was really taking a picture of my foot. Um, yes - and thank you for that awkward moment. 

Prior to this weekend I heard terrible stories about how ugly, murky and muddy the beaches near Houston are, but it was absolutely gorgeous and the water temperate was pretty mild.  It was interesting to see that the water here has a green tint to it whereas the Southern California beaches have a blue hue.

When times are tough and stressful, take time out to relax and recharge your battery...even if it's only a day at the beach :)

A  washed-up jellyfish

1 comment:

  1. I miss the beach so much! It looks like you had a fun time and I love the little crab peeking out. :) I like the term "sandicure". It's cute! <3



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