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May 20, 2013

Just Aqua Splashin' Around

Good Morning, Monday rolls back around too quickly!

Summer is still a month away but I'm already craving fun summer nail polish colors. Bring out the brights, corals, aquas, etc! 

My gal pals already know how much I love texture polishes, so imagine my 'kid in a candy store' face when I came across Milani's Texture polish in Aqua Splash!! I was dazed  & confused for a second because I've heard that they were only sold online but there it was...in my hands..and for a dollar less than the $4.99 retail price. (Cue the Jersey accent) You're pulling my leg heeere!

 I'm super stoked that I found this polish just in time for my Memorial Weekend getaway! I'm going to be splashing around in natural springs and a river. And yes, I'm a cheeseball so pun intended ;) 

 I love, love, LOVE this cream color and the texture. It's a bit grainier than OPI's Liquid Sand polishes but not in an unpleasant way. The pictures below consist of Ulta's Base Coat, and two coats of Aqua Splash. Top coat doesn't work so well on these..and it defeats the point of textured polishes.  

These polishes are limited edition so grab them while you can!

Don't forget your base coat! They extend the life of your manicure by days.

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  1. Wow! Those are really cool! I love the look of textured polishes, but do they feel textured? I'm guessing they do because there's no top coat. Textured polishes or polishes with big bits of glitter in it, end up driving me to pick my nails. LOL. I just feel the bumps and want to start picking! But it is different and fun. And I love that color! <3


    1. Yeah it feels like no-so-rough sand paper. Girl, I didn't get it until I tried one and now I'm in too deep LOL. And thanks, I love the color too!

  2. Gorgeous color!! Love the texture!


    1. Thanks Melanie, you have to try one :)

  3. Such a lovely color! Great post girl!!


  4. Gorgeous color! Following you :)

  5. Wow super cool, love the color and the texture looks so cool!


  6. love the color and texture is so unique! and i really enjoy your blog so far! if you like mine too, do you want to follow each other? xo jess


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