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May 10, 2013

OPI Oz Mini Set, Part 1

I picked up a cold that totally knocked me on my butt all week and that's pretty much where I still am. 

My gal pal Jessica at You Are My Color is coming back today from a week-long work trip...in Las Vegas. No, her company is not hiring - I already asked her ;)  Jessica was gracious enough to let me guest post for the Nail Files, so head on over there to check out my tri-color mani tutorial

A few months ago Holly at Wicked Chaos generously gave away an OPI Oz the Great and Powerful mini polish set. I crossed my fingers, toes and eyeballs because I really  wanted to win this one, not to mention I loved the movie. Wish granted!  

The set came with a liquid sand polish and I admit that before trying What Wizardy Is This?, I wasn't a fan of textured polish. I have seen the light and now I LOVE them! Not to mention chips are easily covered and non-noticeable. I love this particular color and the gold undertones, although my Lover said it looked like baby diarrhea. Alriiighty then!

Glints of Glinda (pictured below) looked like a pretty nude in the bottle but it didn't look so great on me. It blended with my skin tone too well and was super sheer. I added some glitter to make it pop but this one just fell flat. What do you think?

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Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your nails!!! I wanted to get all of those polishes from the Oz set!

  2. I like Glints of Glinda with the glitter! Sometimes a look like this is a palette cleanser for me, especially after I've been wearing bolder colors.

  3. Super jealous Kali... If those go missing it wasn't me...:) I am glad your slowly recovering. And I will personally punch whoever got you sick!

  4. Hahah! I LOVE Grumpy Cat so as soon as I saw the meme, I busted out laughing. Your pictures are gorgeous and I still have yet to pick up any of the Oz polishes

  5. I loved this collection! Great nudes and love the glitter :)

  6. love the liquid sand look! i still haven't tried it!

  7. Thank you again for your guest post, it was a hit!! ;)

    The liquid sands polish looks SO pretty with and without the top coat!! Also, I think that sheer polish looks so pretty on you actually!! But I know what you mean about skin tone. I have such an issue finding sheers/nudes that go well with my yellowish skin. Bleh.

  8. What Wizardly is this looks great on you I think Glints of Glinda looks better with the glitter you added over it. I like the sheers but sometimes they make my skin look weird..lol Ha Ha

  9. I got the mini pack and then 2 of the 3 glitters form the collection. I found that I Theodora You was the best jelly polish out of the three on my skin tone, which is pretty similar, if not a little lighter than yours. I was surprised at how much I liked the liquid sand. ;)


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