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June 14, 2013

NOTD: Lookin' Good and Smellin' Good

Happy Friday!

This week actually went by quickly for me but I'm ready for the weekend.  My love tweaked his back pretty good this week so I've been playing masseuse. My thumbs went on strike after the second day. Cramps. Any tips for working out a knot?

Speaking of my love, he bought me some nail polish goodies for our anniversary a few weeks ago, including this purple gem "Grape Icy" - one of Revlon's scented polishes.  WARNING: Don't sniff the polish straight from the bottle thinking it's going to smell lovely. It doesn't. I know you might be tempted but trust me, don't do it! I think I singed a few nose hairs...lol. The awesome smell comes after it's fully dry on your nails. 

 I haven't been in the polish mood lately because I ran out of my secret weapon: Poshe Super Fast Dry Top Coat.  I used an old SH top coat and just as I knew it would happen, I RUINED this mani about two hours after I took these pictures. Yes girls, it was still 'wet' two hours later.  WTF. Anyway, is it me or does this mani look a bit bridal to you?

By the way, last week's Jasmine mani is being featured on Simple Easy Style as one of Friday's Five Faves. Yay!

Base Coat, 3 Coats of polish, glitter and top coat

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Gorgeous mani - love the glitter! Congrats on being featured in the Simple Easy Style linkup :)

  2. Smart boyfriend ;) Always make your lady happy with some nail polish!

  3. Yay I love the jasmine mani..and this one of course. Congrats...I am doing a happy dance right now but you cant see it sadly. Its pretty tragic.


  4. Adorable nail tutorial! Love your blog and your sparkly nails..
    Blush and Blossoms

  5. AH! I love that manicure. It's so perfect! It combines my two favorite things: purple and glitter!! Happy to be following along!

  6. Love the color and sparkle! I'm laughing at the bottle sniffing, as I would have done the same! :)

  7. I love this look! The sparkle on the cuticle is a nice surprise!


  8. Dang Girl still wet 2 hours later? I'd be pissed too... This is gorgeous and I can totally see it as a wedding or formal mani.


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